20 workplace buzzwords of 2023

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Key takeaways

From Bare Minimum Monday to lazy girl jobs, 2023 was full of buzzwords, new and old.

Have you ever had to Google a phrase that a colleague casually dropped into an email or conversation? It’s hard to keep up with all the buzzwords that enter our workplace lexicon each year! To save you some time, let’s circle back on some of the most popular corporate buzzwords and phrases of 2023.

Bare Minimum Monday: Getting rid of the pressure of Mondays by doing just enough to get by.
Boomerang employees: Employees who leave a job and then return shortly thereafter.
Career cushioning: Preparing resumes, shoring up skills and networking in case of layoffs. Aka: recession proofing
Chaotic working: Using your position to help customers or clients at the employer’s expense. Aka: malicious compliance.
Copycat layoffs: Laying off employees after seeing other companies cut jobs.
Growth hacking: Low-cost strategies that help grow a business.
Grumpy stayers: Staying at a job while persistently presenting an irritable attitude. 
Hybrid work: Giving employees the flexibility to work from home or at the office.
Lazy girl jobs: Establishing work-life balance through low-stress jobs that still pay well.
Loud quitters: Loudly voicing disgruntlement to improve benefits received.
New normal: A way to describe the current state as new … and normal.  
Presenteeism: Showing up or logging on for work, but only for the sake of appearing to work.
Rage applying: Applying to mass jobs due to unhappiness at work.
Resenteeism: Resenting a job but staying anyway due to a perceived lack of options.
Shift shock: Changing jobs only to realize it doesn’t live up to expectations. 
Quiet cutting: Reassigning employees to less desirable roles to push them to quit.
Quiet hiring: Upskilling internal talent or recruiting through personal networks instead of going for an outside hire.
Quiet quitters: Quietly reducing work to match benefits received.
Workcation: Working remotely while on vacation.
Zoom fatigue: Burnout associated with overuse of online communication platforms. 

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