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Create more informed, confident healthcare consumers

Employees who feel supported are happier and more productive. An important part of that support starts with helping them understand how to choose and use their benefits. Stay competitive and improve the employee experience with our year-round suite of services, products and innovative technology.

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Significant claims savings with advocacy and transparency

Our benefits experts support employees throughout the year as they enroll in coverage, seek second opinions, shop for the lowest cost procedures, and tackle claims and billing issues.

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Benefits administration technology with a personal touch

Give employees a personalized, one-stop benefits shopping experience that helps them become savvy healthcare consumers and creates higher worker satisfaction.

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Helping employers increase return on their benefits investments

Our personalized approach ensures that employees are more informed, HR departments are supported, and corporate objectives are met during onboarding/offboarding, open and off-cycle enrollments.

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Maximize your investment with our benefits education and enrollment tools, expert assistance in making informed care choices, and a customizable selection of voluntary benefits employees want and need.

Succeed with year-round, compelling benefits communications

More than ever before, employers must apply a marketing approach to communicating benefits to drive engagement and encourage behavior change. Optavise is an industry leader in personalized benefits education and enrollment, healthcare transparency, communications and compliance. Let us help you:


Optavise makes benefits administration and enrollment easy.


Working with Optavise helps to reduce costs and increase employee participation.


Optavise helps reinforce your corporate initiative messaging.

Ensure ERISA and ACA compliance

Our ERISA and ACA compliance team provides comprehensive support through compliance and readability analyses, content development, and proprietary technology that keeps your documents current and compliant.

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