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Grow your membership with benefits your members want and need

Your members work hard and count on you to be their voice, as well as provide options that help them protect their families and finances.

Get Connected to Learn More

Do your members know about the great benefits they have as part of their union or association membership?

If not, that’s okay – we’ve got you covered. Optavise meets with your members on your behalf to talk to them about your benefits, where, when, and how works best for them.

Valuable Assistance

Get valuable assistance attracting and retaining new members

We recruit new members on your behalf by educating them on the benefits
available to them as part of the union or association, while promoting anything you want them to know.

Scheduling is easy

Scheduling is easy with our simple enrollment platform

It’s easy for members to schedule time with our business representatives through our Optavise Now enrollment platform—they simply log in, choose a time, and speak to someone virtually or in-person, whatever works best for them.

Find out how we can help you

Optavise enhances the benefits your members receive from you or from their employer. Deliver more to your members who count on you.

Facilitate the communication

We facilitate the communication process, and the messages come from you

Increase member engagement, knowledge, and satisfaction with our fully customizable, turnkey communications—voice mail, email and texts are already developed, and we send them on your behalf.

Enrollment is easy

Enrollment doesn’t take time out of their day

Our business representatives meet with members face-to-face, either in-person or virtually, at times selected by members to best fit their needs, and only takes minutes to complete.

Benefits matter

Benefits matter, and are a powerful recruiting and retention tool

In addition to educating members on the benefits that you offer—such as low- or no-cost college, AD&D, and discounts on many things they use daily—you can give them access to other voluntary benefits. These can help cover the gaps they might have with their employer’s health insurance, so they can protect what they’ve worked so hard to acquire.