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Optavise can help brokers increase ROI on their clients’ benefits investments by helping employees make smarter healthcare decisions that are aligned with corporate objectives.

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Using our individualized approach, Optavise can drive an increase in employee plan adoption

Through confidential, one-on-one conversations with employees, our benefits educators and agents help employees through the complexities of healthcare, wellness programs, and many other benefits concepts during the open enrollment period. Our individualized approach ensures that employees are more informed, HR departments are supported, and corporate objectives are met.

Actively engage employees in benefits programs and other important corporate initiatives by leveraging a year-round proven service that includes:

  • Individual benefits onboarding with benefits educators, including those who are bilingual.

  • Education and enrollment support in person, virtually or via phone.

  • Customized benefits messaging and scripts to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

  • Customized communications campaigns, featuring dynamic content and compelling design, to capture and hold employees’ interest and drive behavior change.

  • User-friendly online tools for employees to schedule appointments.

  • Education and enrollment during new hire onboarding and off-cycle enrollment periods.

  • Real-time dashboards and reports to track the progress of key initiatives.

Key benefits to connecting your clients with Optavise


Simplified benefits administration


Reduced employer cost


Increased employee participation


Expert decision support at time of enrollment


Enhanced awareness, knowledge, and appreciation


A consistent message and understanding of corporate initiatives

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Help your clients engage their employees in a year-round, personalized benefits and health journey.

One-on-one enrollment support clarifies each individual situation and expedites the benefits education process. Through meaningful and individualized conversations, your new employees will be able to better navigate enrollment.

With the increased importance of voluntary benefits and their impact on employee satisfaction, many employers offer "off-cycle" enrollment periods for these programs. This reduces the risk of these benefits getting "lost" during open enrollment and helps employers remain competitive in recruiting and retaining employees throughout the year.

QLEs can be hard to plan for and quantify: they can affect any employee at any time, disrupting HR operations. Our team can process these changes—and obtain required documentation—freeing HR for more strategic initiatives.

Keeping track of when a dependent is aging off of an employee’s plan, when a divorce or legal separation is finalized, or an adoption or guardianship is properly documented can be a challenge. Optavise can manage this process for you.