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Applying a marketing approach to communicating benefits drives engagement and encourages behavior change.

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Benefits communications strategy service from Optavise guides employees to make better healthcare decisions

The average individual sees 5,000 ads a day. Add to that the news stories, emails, Tweets, IMs and other messaging, and it’s no wonder benefits communications get lost or drowned out. Chances are the first few times employees hear something about their benefits, it won’t completely register with them.

Getting employees to take action—to review their current elections, to enroll in their benefits, to read about and understand how a new regulation will affect them, to choose the most cost-effective test or treatment—requires communications that don’t just inform but change a perception or a behavior.

Starting with a written strategy—a plan to succeed—will go a long way towards ensuring that your clients meet their goals for their benefits program.

Engaging employees

Taking advantage of Optavise’s knowledgeable communicators helps employees connect the dots on their benefits. Our writers are skilled at providing employee benefits communications that are clear, compelling, and accurate. We act as an extension of the employer's team so they can focus on other business priorities.

Addressing specific challenges and communications needs, we develop a comprehensive communication strategy that:

  • Prepares employees to take the steps they need before open enrollment.

  • Drives improved understanding of healthcare and health insurance and use of cost-savings programs.

  • Manages and coordinates benefits content across all vendors, reviewers, and platforms.

  • Generates and preserves the accuracy of all benefits, compliance, communications, and enrollment content.

  • Maps delivery channels for each audience, including online, face-to-face, interactive, video, QR codes, text, print, etc.

  • Includes metrics and analytics to measure effectiveness of content and delivery methods.

Key benefits to working with Optavise


Enhanced awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the benefits package.


More appropriate and cost-effective use of services.


Employees and their family members make more informed choices about their coverage and benefits.


HR and benefits team members can focus on strategic matters and other business priorities.

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Engaging employees with benefits that meet their needs provides one of the most significant opportunities for you to get more value out of your benefits programs and improve the employee benefits experience.

Optavise helps you educate and engage employees throughout the year to drive better healthcare outcomes, increase benefits literacy, improve program participation, and nurture a happier, healthier workforce. This includes the development and delivery of content to employees and their families at each point in the employee lifecycle.

Throughout the employee experience—from candidate to new hire and first-year trainee to seasoned worker—you have opportunities to influence employees’ actions, choices, and long-term outcomes. One of the best ways to leverage these opportunities is to provide a one-stop resource for all the information employees need in every step of their journey.

Engaging employees with benefits that meet their needs provides one of the most significant opportunities for companies to get more value out of their benefits programs and improve the employee benefits experience. Employers must help employees make the connections between benefits so that all benefits are utilized effectively. The more employees know about and understand their choices, the more likely they are to use and value them.