Decision support

Integrated decision support enhances the enrollment experience, guiding employees to the best-fit benefit options.

Integrated decision support improves employees’ understanding of the benefits offered and drives best-fit engagement.

The benefits you offer remain a key factor in employee attraction and retention efforts. Yet 49% of employees say they don’t understand their benefits1 and nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees are not confident in selecting benefits without some type of guidance.2 In fact, 72% of employees say they prefer to be told which plans best meet their needs.3

Additionally, employees are increasingly seeking consumer-friendly experiences at work, with data indicating a strong preference for self-service options (81%).4 That’s why we offer an integrated decision support tool that shares best-fit recommendations right within the enrollment flow. This makes it easy for employees to choose the health and voluntary benefits that are best for them and their families.

How does it work?

Powered by behavioral science, the technology drives employee engagement at enrollment and decision-making moments. With predictive analytics and economic models to narrow in on the best plans for each individual, employees receive intelligent, personalized guidance for all types of benefits, so they can navigate complex choices with ease.

Employees need help navigating the complex maze of healthcare. Optavise helps by providing individualized support to ensure employees select the right benefits plan, offering expert assistance in making informed benefits choices. 

  • Employees who went help choosing their benefits select the 'Help Me Choose' button when prompted.

  • The employee answers a short series of questions so ALEX can learn about their unique healthcare needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

  • ALEX provides the employees with personalized recommendations for the benefit options that are the right fit for them.

Key benefits to working with Optavise


Simplify the benefits shopping experience.


Drive smarter decisions through behavioral science.


Improve participant understanding and drive action and engagement.


Deliver personalized, meaningful connections with your employees.

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