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Comprehensive benefits advocacy

Engaging employees in their benefits—and ensuring they choose and use their plans effectively—depends on year-round communications and a truly personalized experience.

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Optavise’s comprehensive benefits advocacy service helps employees to make informed healthcare decisions

We make sure your employees are making the most of their coverage. Your employees will have year-round access to experienced advocates who can help them shop for their healthcare, answer benefits questions, find in-network providers and resolve claims issues. And, our unique program rewards employees for making wise financial decisions about using their benefits.

Combined, our services enable you to reduce your administrative and healthcare costs, while improving your employees’ satisfaction with their benefits.

Working with Optavise


Drives significant claims savings


Creates better healthcare consumers


Reduces administrative burdens


Improves employee satisfaction with company benefits

Our services

Help employees become better healthcare consumers by leveraging a proven service that includes


Access to advocates


Resolution of billing and claim issues


Help with referrals and prior authorization


Finding providers for second opinions and scheduling appointments


Access to registered nurses for diagnosis, procedures, and medication options


Personalized procedural cost and quality reports


Rewards for selecting low-cost care

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Do more with Optavise

Help your employees make informed healthcare decisions.

Rewards incentive program

Education isn’t always enough to drive behavior change. With Optavise’s Rewards Incentive Program, employees can request a personalized transparency report for any elective test or procedure. The report shows cost and quality data for up to three physicians and facilities and indicates rewards-eligible providers (lower-cost options). Employees who choose a lower-cost option receive a reward, determined by their employer.

Clinical advocacy

Clinical Advocates are a crucial part of the care team working on the employee’s behalf to clarify their diagnosis and assess their treatment plans and medications. The Advocates can coordinate care within the healthcare team or facilitate treatment alternatives, like pursuing second opinions or researching lower-cost prescription drugs.

Personalized outreach campaigns

Optavise helps you educate and engage employees throughout the year with personalized outreach campaigns to drive better healthcare outcomes, increase benefits literacy, improve program participation, and nurture a happier, healthier workforce.