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We guide employees to make informed healthcare decisions

Build a healthy, happy workforce with employees who are satisfied with their benefits. Optavise helps engage and educate employees through a unique combination of innovative technology, flexible voluntary benefits, and experts who support employees in making the most of their benefits.

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Improve employee satisfaction and loyalty while driving benefits results

As an employer, you seek to attract and retain quality employees and meet the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce. This means offering a broader range of benefits, while at the same time, controlling costs. Optavise is uniquely suited to help.

Empowering brokers to drive success

As a broker, you share directly in the value we create. By working with Optavise, you can help your clients engage their employees more effectively, and foster more informed healthcare decisions that drive down costs not only for individuals, but also for the employer.

Grow your business

If you’re looking for success, we know the way. Whether we’re helping individuals and families protect their financial security, or supporting agents with their own financial rewards, our goal is to help people create better futures at every stage of life.

Our agents support employers across the country, helping employees choose the products that best fit their needs. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, this is an amazing opportunity for you to build your own business on the solid foundation we’ve created.

Who is Optavise?

Optavise is your trusted partner, guiding employers and employees through their healthcare choices with a cohesive suite of voluntary benefits, benefits administration technology and year-round advocacy services to reduce costs and increase benefits engagement.

Helping employers increase return on their benefits investments

Our personalized approach ensures that employees are more informed, HR departments are supported, and corporate objectives are met during onboarding/offboarding, open and off-cycle enrollments.

Optavise helps improve employee satisfaction and loyalty while driving benefits results

Employees need help navigating the complex maze of healthcare. Optavise helps by providing individualized education and support to ensure employees select the right benefits plan, offering expert assistance in making informed care choices and rewards for sensible financial decisions.



Every hour we spend on a benefits issue saves your employee three hours



Average increase in HR productivity



Average employee savings when shopping for care with us



Client retention rate

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Maximize your success with our benefits education and enrollment tools, expert assistance in helping employees make informed care choices, and a customizable selection of voluntary benefits employees want and need.


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