Dependent verification

A best practice that protects the plan - and you.

It's estimated that nearly 10% of enrolled dependents are ineligible for coverage.

To avoid the financial and potential legal ramifications of having ineligible dependents on our plan, it's always a good practice to obtain proof of eligibility before approving a dependent's enrollment. However, the ongoing process of securing and approving dependent documentation can be a challenge for HR teams already burdened with other responsibilities.

Optavise's dependent verification services can relieve this burden by providing:

  • Employee outreach: Whether for a new hire, qualifying life event or open enrollment, we'll notify employees that documentation is required before their dependents can be enrolled in the plan and will follow-up with them until the necessary documentation has been received or the deadline has expired.
  • Documentation management: We'll collect, validate and process documentation to approve or deny coverage according to your plan provisions.
  • Call center: Our team of member service representatives are available to help address employee questions about eligibility rules and required documentation.

Key benefits to working with Optavise


Minimize legal risk


Avoid civil penalties


Save on medical costs attributed to ineligible dependents

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