Clinical Advocacy & Virtual Care

Helping employees make smarter decisions and take better care of themselves.

Optavise’s integrated Clinical Advocacy and Virtual Care services provide personalized clinical guidance and expert support leading to better care and improved outcomes.
Most employees struggle to understand, navigate, and manage their health. In fact, three in four leave their doctor’s office confused or dissatisfied, 70% say the healthcare system is too difficult to navigate, and 75% report having a lack of confidence when making care decisions. When left having to stumble through on their own, employees often don’t get the care they need when they need it having a negative effect on cost and health outcomes. That’s why we’ve partnered with SentryHealth to offer integrated clinical advocacy and virtual care services. With an expansive care team providing clinical guidance and expert support to employees, we’re able to break down barriers and overcome gaps elevating the care experience for better outcomes and lowering cost of care.
Nurse Advocates help ensure clinically appropriate, cost-effective care
With Clinical Advocacy, employees have direct access to Nurse Advocates who provide the personalized, expert assistance employees need to make the best decisions about their care. And with an average of 20 years of clinical experience, our Nurse Advocates know how to identify and understand someone’s needs and know what next best action to take. From providing critical health education and clinical guidance to finding clinically appropriate, high-quality, cost-effective care or second options and offering alternative treatment options, Nurse Advocates provide clinical guidance and support when it’s needed most.
Wrap-around virtual care helps employees live healthier, happier lives
Going to the doctor is just one aspect of getting and staying healthy. Many times, the path to health requires education, coaching, and emotional support to guide and motivate someone in making the necessary changes to improving their health and wellbeing. With our Virtual Care services, employees have access to an expansive care team of health experts who provide critical wrap-around care and empower employees to take care of themselves for a healthier, happier life.

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